Look at what God just did for nine unwed teen moms!

Teen Freedom Baby Shower! Look at what God just did!
Reading the bible

Jesus At The Job Site!

Pastor Chris takes us to the morning bible study on the job site with the…
Noelle Jones mentors youth in Gagnoa.

What you say to a child could change an entire community for Jesus.

We studied about the fruit of true repentance. Many openly confessed their sins and repented.…
Construction progress concerning building in West Africa.

Love in action – Constructing mission buildings for Jesus!

Pastor Chris Jones gives latest update on construction progress concerning building a bible school, mission…
Framing pillars for Jesus.

Concrete pillars for Jesus in West Africa.

Construction update on the GFA mission project in West Africa.
Tying steel rebar.

Tying steel for Jesus to make reinforced concrete pillars.

Many of these men want solid biblical training but they have little or no resources…
Basam Family Saved By Jesus Christ

Remembering the grace of the God who saves us!

Always be ready to tell others about Jesus. Open your mouth and speak. The Holy…

Answered Prayer For Gagnoa Youth Ministry.

Noelle Jones - Answered prayer For Gagnoa Youth Ministry.